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Profit Clicking Becomes Ad Click Xpress

ad click x press profit clicking
Add Click Xpress
★★★ (^_^) Profit Clicking Becomes Ad Click Xpress! ★★★

Welcome to all our new members!

There's a lot in this update, so feel free
to read it more than once...

Ad Click Xpress

Here's the new name for the most successful
business opportunity and advertising site
the Internet is likely to ever see!

And we have a lot of history to prove it!

Get ready for the great experience!

Yes, here's what Frederick Mann has
provided for us - a great solution for
everyone who was in Profit Clicking!


Ad Click Xpress (ACX)

is now one of the most viewed sites on the web!

A few weeks ago Frederick Mann contacted the
owners of ACX and offered their company an
incredible opportunity to absorb the business
of a number one company and make it better.

Many in the business world already regard
Frederick as an ICON in the Traffic Exchange
world, being held in high esteem for making
himself, and helping many others to become
"Internet Millionaires", many of them
starting with very limited financial
abilities. Frederick's stated goal has
always been to help the people who couldn't
be successful in Internet-based business
without a clear, easy-to-follow system.

Frederick made an astounding arrangement
for the owners of ACX to take over Profit
Clicking, which eventually led to this
exciting announcement.

Profit Clicking had experienced such rapid
growth that management had not been able
to build the corporate infrastructure
quickly or solidly enough to make the PC
program viable. Since PC's mechanism was
originally based on an "Indefinitely
Sustainable", patented system, they went
to the creator for guidance. Frederick
took time to evaluate the company and
ultimately advised Profit Clicking that
its members would be best served by being
acquired by ACX. The PC owners agreed with
the concept; with the understanding that
ACX as the new owner would honor PC's
obligations to members.

ACX is the organization that will take on
this huge. The ACX group is financially
stable, and the management team is very
experienced, and is operating ACX using
the "Indefinitely Sustainable" model!
ACX agreed to the proposal from PC,
insisting that Frederick stay on as a
consultant throughout the transition
and the restructuring of some of the
obligations of PC to the members.

ACX would like to officially give a great
big "WELCOME" to all PC members. Welcome
aboard! We are excited to have you on
board AD CLICK XPRESS and await your
participation and new ideas. Management
has created an array of new programs to
explore and familiarize you with the
new surroundings. We want you to feel
at home right away.

Here are more details:

For the future, Profit Clicking will
only be used as a reference web site;
for example, it will no longer accept
funding payments for its advertising
system, pay daily sales commissions,
or allow ad packages or gift cards to
be purchased - Profit Clicking will
eventually be discontinued completely.

All advertising you are doing for Profit
Clicking will be automatically redirected
to your new ACX Affiliate Web Site, located
in your new member area under "Make Money

When you log into Profit Clicking, you
will be provided with the opportunity to
migrate to the new system, Ad Click Xpress

You do not have to migrate to ACX; however,
if you do not, you will NOT be able to take
advantage of the opportunity to recover
any expected earnings from Profit Clicking
that you did not receive thus far - keep in
mind, the Profit Clicking web site will
completely close soon.

Profit Clicking Basic System Balances will
be transferred immediately to the ACX member
area for your review, and you will be able
to access the Profit Clicking Member Area
also, so feel free to compare your balances
in each and make sure no details were lost
during the migration.

Note that all Basic System Balances in
Profit Clicking have been credited back to
the wallets - that decision was made to
help members understand the migration

The Profit Clicking Premium System will
be migrated to ACX also, within the next
few days, but only after a ProfitShift
has taken place - read about ProfitShifts
in the PC Member Area.

If you bought pure advertising in Profit
Clicking, all your Traffic Exchange credits
have been transferred to the new ACX
Traffic Exchange; however, those of
affiliates (IBOSs) were not, so advertisers
should be happy about how fast you'll be
getting quality visitors to your web site
you're advertising in our new ACX Traffic

Here are some of the things that are
coming next at ACX:

- Help in multiple languages
- More banners and affiliate web sites
- Gift card system
- Live training system
- New, advanced advertising system

So take full advantage of the new.

Saya tidak akan terjemahkan secara keseluruhan tapi diambil poin-poin pentingnya saja yach..:

★ Web PC sudah TIDAK menerima Funding, memberikan DSP, pembelian Adpacks maupun Gift Card, karena setelah ACX berjalan maka web PC akan DITUTUP...!!!

★ Semua Iklan pada PC akan Otomatis dipindahkan ke ACX di Member Area pada Menu "Make Money Sharing."

★ Saat Login PC, Anda akan diarahkan untuk lakukan Migrasi ke ACX.
Anda TIDAK HARUS Migrasi, tapi jika tidak dilakukan maka akan kehilangan "Kesempatan" penghasilan yang mungkin belum didapat sama sekali di PC.
Lakukan Proses Migrasi SEGERA, SEBELUM web PC Di-Non Aktifkan alias DITUTUP.

★ Saldo PC Basic sudah kembali utuh, apa bisa kita belikan adpacks di ACX atau di WD, tunggu perkembangan selanjutnya.

★ PC Premium AKAN di migrasi juga ke ACX dalam beberapa hari ke depan, tapi SETELAH dilakukan PSF...!!! Hmmm,....PSF Premium lagi....? Semoga ga besar2 lagi dech kenanya, ^__^.

★ Jika Anda Murni Membeli Paket Iklan sebagai Advertiser, maka seluruh kredit TE akan dipindahkan ke ACX, tidak berlaku bagi kita sebagai Affiliate member.


Perlu DIINGAT...: Web ACX belum FIXED berikut semua DATA-DATA Membernya.
Kita sama-sama tunggu perkembangan lebih lanjutnya.
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